Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Combat Colin No.2 preview....

Here's a sneak preview of the opening story page for Combat Colin No.2, which I hope to publish in late November. This issue will reprint most of the half page Combat Colin stories from The Transformers that appeared in 1988/89. As you can see, I'll be reprinting two half page strips to each page, so it'll be quite a packed issue! As with the first issue, No.2 will have 40 pages, including covers. 

I'm pleased to say that I still have most of the original artwork from this period so the strips will be scanned from those pages. For the ones I don't have the art to, I'll scan from the comics. 

I'm not taking pre-orders, but issue 2 will be available to buy directly from me as soon as it's printed. Keep an eye on this blog for more updates. 
(Issue 1 is available from my website:

Anyway, I hope you like this little preview. Right, I'll get back to scanning that artwork...

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