Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My first self-published comic (1978)

Here's the cover to After Image No.1, which was my first self-published comic waaay back in late 1978 (cover dated January 1979). I wasn't the first to self-publish a comic/ fanzine of course, not by a long chalk. UK comics fandom had started in the early to mid-1960s so I was a latecomer by 1978. 

Looking at it now, After Image was very raw, very crude in style, and certainly not professional standard, but it was a start. It helped get my work out there by selling the 'zine mail order (by advertising it in other fanzines) and to receive feedback. All good experience that gave me enough confidence to quit my dead-end job a year or so later and start looking for work in comics. (That took quite a while, but that's another story.) 

Quitting my old job was the best thing I ever did. The moral being; pursue your dreams! 

If you want to read the whole issue of After Image No.1 for free you'll find it archived on the excellent Classic U.K. Comics Zines website here:

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