Thursday, 16 March 2017

ComiXology Colin!

Volume 16 of the award-winning digital comic Aces Weekly is now available to buy and download from ComiXology. For just £6.99 you'll get loads of strips by people such as Emma Chinnery, David Leach, Mychalio Kazybrid, Jok, Ryan Taylor and more plus an all-new Combat Colin three pager. 

Grab your copy from ComiXology today!


As regards an update on the Combat Colin comic, I haven't had time to make a start on it yet but I'm hoping to launch it at a convention in May or June. Readers of this blog and those who follow me on social media will be the first to know of course! More news soon! (And yes, Combat Colin will be a printed paper comic, not digital. Similar format to the Derek the Troll comic I did last year.)

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