Friday, 13 January 2017

Just Dandy!

It's been a very hectic week of late nights and one all-nighter to complete my pages for The Dandy Annual 2018 but deadlines have been met and the pages are all done and e-mailed to D.C. Thomson. (I also had Pup Parade, and Ivy the Terrible to do for the weekly Beano and Team Toxic for an upcoming Toxic to do this week too, so it's been non-stop.) Not that I'm complaining of course. Being freelance is always volatile and a roller-coaster of a career so it's best to enjoy the busy times while one can. 

I've done nine pages in total for next year's Dandy Annual, which won't be out until around August so I won't reveal much about it yet. I'll show you a sneak preview of part of one panel here though. Yes, Keyhole Kate will be back! Other characters too, but I'll post more about those in the summer. Rest assured that although The Dandy weekly ended over four years ago, The Dandy Annual continues! 

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