Monday, 23 January 2017

Combat Colin in cyberspace!

The character of mine that most people ask to see again is Combat Colin, the bobble-hatted hero who appeared in Marvel UK's Action Force and Transformers comics in the late 1980s. He'll be getting his own reprint comic this year but this just a reminder that there are four brand new three page Combat Colin stories amongst various issues of the award-winning digital comic Aces Weekly. All-new! All colour! All daft! Never seen in print! Exclusive to Aces and not published anywhere else!

You'll find the first one in Aces Weekly Volume 1 No.1. There's page one above. Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve encounter a new menace in the form of the Zombie-Yeds!

The second new complete story appeared in Aces Weekly Vol.8 No.7, with a guest appearance by The Giggly Sisters leading to Colin and Steve encountering their old enemy Madprof!
Giggly Sisters!

Professor Madprof!
The third new Combat Colin strip appeared in Aces Weekly Vol.16 No.6, with our heroes flying into space to avert the Ass-teroid!
The fourth new strip appeared in Aces Weekly Vol.21 No.7, and saw Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve battle each other!
Comedy violence!
Each issue of Aces Weekly also contains several other all-new strips by a variety of top comics creators. And the best bit is, each volume of seven issues will only cost you £6.99. Less than a pound a comic! It's multi-platform so you can access it on an iPad, Android tablet, PC, or Mac. Or even on your smart TV apparently, if it's smart enough. If you haven't yet tried it, what's stopping you? Check it out:

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