Thursday, 8 September 2016

DEREK THE TROLL launches this Saturday!

Here's my new comic that I've been hinting at for weeks. Hot off the presses, Derek the Troll will launch at the ICE 2016 comics convention this Saturday, 10th September, in Birmingham. 

Derek the Troll is a 32 page one-shot collecting every Derek the Troll strip I did for Warlock and White Dwarf magazine from 1985 to 1987. Derek is the affable but stinky denizen of a time before history, encountering angry villagers, mad barbarians, and sneaky warlocks.

The second half of the comic features Rock Solid, Space Hero, a serial I did for Harrier Comics' Swiftsure way back in 1985 and never reprinted before. Rock thinks he's the greatest hero in the galaxy, but in fact he's nothing but a space-faring psychopath. But when Earth is invaded, he's the best hope we have! Will humanity survive? The complete 15 page saga is collected in this comic.

Derek the Troll and Rock Solid are some of the earliest strips I had published, right back in the early years of my career and you can see my style develop with each episode. I'm still pleased with how they hold up and anyone who enjoyed my Combat Colin and Oink! strips will hopefully get a kick out of them. 

Speaking of Combat Colin, I've also included a couple of half-pagers from the late 1980s as a bonus back-up feature. 

Derek the Troll is a 32 page comic including 28 interior pages in their original black and white. If you can't make it to ICE 2016 for the launch, you can order a copy from my online shop and I'll post it out next week.

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