Thursday, 27 August 2015

Enter the HELL HOLE!

Here's a preview of my newest strip. It's another one-off page for Dark Horse Comics, that appears on the back page of Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out No.8. As with all the 'Li'l House of Grind' pages I've done for the comic, Hell Hole was inspired by old style horror comics and The Twilight Zone TV series. I hope you like it...

...if you can find it! Grindhouse No.8 was published yesterday and is available in America but UK sellers don't appear to have received copies yet. The comic is banned in Canada due to its extreme sexual content (not in my strip though) so I hope there haven't been problems with UK customs. I will update this post with more info as soon as I know the situation.

However, the digital version is available on the Dark Horse app. You'll find the link here:

As I said, my contribution is only the back up strip. The main story is part 2 of Nebulina by Alex de Campi and John Lucas. Definitely for broad-minded mature readers! The cover is by the fantastic Milo Manara! If someone had told me last year that I'd be in a comic with art by Manara on the front cover and art by me on the back cover I'd never have believed them. Definitely one of the highlights of my career.

Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out No.8. 
Dark Horse Comics.


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