Thursday, 7 May 2015

Stikkums update!

There's a new pack of digital 'stickers' available for the Stikkums app that I provided the artwork for. The new set of Stikkums is just 79p and this time has the theme of Family and Pets

Stikkums is a behavioural reward app for children but it's also fun for any age. Imagine the old rub-down-transfers or felt pictures but done on screen, with characters that you can reposition, resize, recolour, and remove or repeat indefinitely. The app is free to download and comes with a starter pack of Knights themed Stikkums plus two backgrounds. You can then choose to buy additional packs at just 79p each. So far the other packs are Monsters, Outer Space, and the new Family and Pets one. Each pack comes with two backgrounds, and Stikkums can be used on any background, so you could have Monsters in the Family living room if you wished, or Grandad in Outer Space. There's also a new addition of a Sound Effects pack so you can add comic sfx to your scenes.

To see more sample images of the various characters I created for the app and to download the free app for your iPad or phone, go to the Stikkums website:

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