Sunday, 3 August 2014

Back from Birmingham

I really enjoyed ICE the International Comic Expo yesterday in Birmingham. After being away from the convention scene for a while it's a good feeling to get back into it this year and, as always, very rewarding to talk to readers and sketch for them. Thanks to everyone who dropped by my table.

Although I took a camera along I didn't get around to taking any photographs so for once this is a photo-free report I'm afraid. However, I'd like to give a namecheck to some of my fellow guests and attendees who made the weekend a lot of fun: Mike Collins, Bryan Talbot, David Leach, Phil Clarke, Yishan Li, Dylan Teague, Jessica Martin, Steve Pugh, Laura Howell, Emma Viecelli, David Lloyd, Phil Winslade, Dave Taylor, Patrick Chaduc, Tony Lee, Cavan Scott, Martin Cater, Rufus Dayglo, David Roach, Tim Pilcher, John McCrea, Steve Tanner and family, and many more.

Special thanks of course to Shane Chebsey and his team for putting on the event! If it wasn't for people like Shane and other show organizers we wouldn't have such an active comics community in this country. The best thing about it was its friendly, relaxed atmosphere due to it being attended by some of the nicest people in the industry. ICE was definitely a cool place to be. 

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