Monday, 11 May 2020

The77 - Something to SHOUT about

I had my copies of The77 arrive this morning. It's a brand new creator-owned UK comic I've contributed to and it's all turned out very nicely.

With comic shops closed this might not be the ideal time to launch a new comic, but credit to editor Ben K Sy for sticking to his plan to get The77 published and copies are available to buy via mail order. Details at this link:

The77 was funded via Kickstarter, ably supported by generous fans who were eager to see a new British comic published. Inspired by (but not imitating) the comics of a few decades ago, The77 dubs itself a "new retro anthology" and contains strips by a variety of creators, from newcomers to established pros. Here you'll find stories by Steve MacManus, Brendon T. Wright, Mal Earl, John Charles, Kek-W, Phil Elliott, Baden James Mellonie, Marc Jackson, and more. The youngest contributor is 11 year old Drew Marr, producing his strip Key Runners

As mentioned on this blog before, my contribution is a new creation, Sgt. Shouty of the Moon Force, and he'll be back in issue 2 as well. It's a parody of strips such as Valiant's Captain Hurricane and the SHOUTY dialogue from early issues of 2000AD. In subsequent chapters I'll develop Sgt. Shouty's supporting cast too. 

As with any new anthology venture some material is stronger than others but overall it's a good looking package and a nice chunky comic at 68 pages! Most of it is in full colour and I was pleased to see that the interiors are on matt paper, so you can read it in the sunshine with no irritation of it reflecting the light. 

The77 is a nice way to escape for an hour in these difficult times and it'll be good to see the comic grow. Give it your support!



Ben K Sy said...

Lew it's an absolute privilege to have the Sgt on board!

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Ben! I hope the comic does well.

SID said...

Just waiting my copy to come through the letterbox.

Anonymous said...

Don't need to buy it. Bear alley have reprinted your full page on their site for freeeee!,,

Lew Stringer said...

Sigh. So I see, without copyright permission too. Why do I even bother? 🙁

Ben K Sy said...

I'll have a word with Steve, Lew.

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks for sorting that out Ben.

Anon, if you were a genuine fan you'd suppport comics, not boast about getting ways to read them for nothing.