Saturday, 23 November 2019

It's Doctor Who Day!

November 23rd is apparently Doctor Who Day as the series began on this date in 1963. I'm not sure if I watched the first few episodes but I was definitely there to see the first appearance of the Daleks in December of that year. 

The photo above is an old one, from the Brighton Comic Con in 2005, but I thought I'd dust it off for the occasion. This was the first time I'd seen a Dalek actually moving around and speaking at a convention (thanks to remotes and someone peddling like mad inside) but these days it's commonplace and the Daleks can be controlled without any occupant. (See photo below, which I took at Nor-Con 8 weeks ago.)
I sent off my Christmas episode of The Daft Dimension to Doctor Who Magazine the other day, and you can see it in print in issue 456, on sale in a few weeks! 


Graham T. said...

That looks like Jo from Zomboat!

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, Cara Theobold. She's very nice to talk to.

TimsBooks said...

Is that Dalek floating???

Lew Stringer said...

No, it's a very clever use of lights underneath it to give that effect.