Thursday, 9 August 2018

PEDANTIC STAN, - Ready to order!

Pedantic Stan, The Comics Fan, which launched at the London Film and Comic Con the other week is now available for everyone. You can order it directly from my online shop here:

Pedantic Stan is the creation of John Freeman and Lew Stringer and the strip ran in Speakeasy magazine in 1990/91. All of the strips are collected in this comic, along with a special one done for the UKCAC 1990 convention book. 

Pedantic Stan reflects the comic fan of the times, in that he's a superhero-obsessed fanboy with a bulging rucksack full of back issues and a wants list a mile long. (May be a slight exaggeration for comic effect.) The early scripts were written by John Freeman and drawn by me, and I took over as writer/artist after a few months. 

16 page A5 size landscape comic. £2 plus £1 p + p. 

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