Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Things to come...

A new year sprawling ahead is always unpredictable but here's a few things I can show you that I've worked on and will be arriving over the coming weeks...

January 10th sees the next issue of Epic (No.141) on sale, and the stinky kids of Hygiene High go for a swim! Script by Niall Murray, art by me. (Preview above.)

Comic collector Grumpy McGrumpychops returns in the Team Toxic story for the milestone 300th issue of Toxic, on sale Wednesday 17th January. More on this significant issue soon!

The following issue of Toxic, No.301, introduces the pompous new mayor of Spud City in the Team Toxic strip, and his plans for space!

There'll be no Daft Dimension strip in the next Doctor Who Magazine as it's been squeezed out for space, but it'll be back in the February issue.

Looking further into the year, I've written and drawn a few Keyhole Kate pages for The Dandy Annual 2019, which will be out around August 2018.

In case you missed the news earlier, Combat Colin No.2 is scheduled for late January, collecting the early Combat Colin strips from The Transformers comic of the late 1980s. More info about that here:

I've been invited as a guest to five conventions this year, with more to be added soon hopefully. The latest addition is Oldham Comic Con in May. 

Saturday 17th March 2018
Bath Pavillion

To be announced:
24th/25th March 2018
More info soon.

Saturday 12th May 2018

Saturday 23rd June 2018

ICE2018 International Comic Expo
Saturday 15th September 2018

More dates added soon.

There's also a few things I can't talk about yet, but when I can, this blog will be the first to announce the news!

Thanks for following this blog. More updates soon!

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