Sunday, 6 August 2017

Coming up this week...

There's a new issue of Epic magazine out on Wednesday 9th August, and that means more fun with the class of Hygiene High and Eric Fail

This time, it's the school sports day for the stinky kids of Hygiene High. What could possibly go wrong? 

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the magazine, Eric Fail enters a talent contest as a juggler. Can anything go right? 

Scripts on both strips by Niall Murray, artwork by me. 

Epic No.135, out this week! £3.50. To find out where to buy a copy, use the handy store locator on the website:

Like most UK kids' mags now, Epic comes bagged with gifts. In this case, a water blaster, stickers, and sweets! Here's what to look for in the shops on Wednesday...

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