Thursday, 18 May 2017

The OTHER Rock Solid

Scanned from my original art.
As most of you know, one of my first published comic strip series was Rock Solid, Space Hero that appeared in the first five issues of Swiftsure, published by Harrier Comics in 1985. What you may not know is that a few years later in 1992 I revived the character for an unpublished comics newspaper supplement called Stars that Joe Matthews was hoping to get into regional newspapers. 

For this version of Rock Solid (see above) I completely redesigned the character in looks and personality. The original Rock was a callous narcissist, but the revised version was just a bumbling fool, more akin to Combat Colin in personality.

Anyway, some projects never take off and this was one of them but I thought you might like to see the one strip I did of the redesigned Rock Solid.

As for the original Rock Solid, you can read his complete 15 page adventure as a back up in Derek the Troll No.1, available by post from me at my online shop:

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