Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas past

Here's a photo of me, with my cat and dog, in the back yard of the council house I lived in back in December 1967. Yes, a balaclava helmet and short trousers were the norm for boys back then. Our legs were freezing but at least our ears were warm. 

Plus we had an outside toilet. It wasn't all glamour in the swinging sixties. 

1967 was a good year. All my family and pets were still around and healthy, I was making new friends at school, great TV programmes like Captain Scarlet and The Prisoner were fresh and exciting, and the 'Power Comics' were at their peak with five titles (Wham!, Smash!, Pow!, Fantastic, and Terrific) and they'd inspired me to draw my own comics on a regular basis. Maybe I'll show you some of my crude, sketchy, early efforts soon.

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John Pitt said...

It was indeed a good year, both for music and comics, my 2 non-living loves of my life. I say "non-living", because, even better than those, as you show us in the photo, are pets! - Cats and dogs - the best things in the world, bar none!
Without them, my life would be unthinkable!