Monday, 10 October 2016

Something new

I've just sent off the artwork to a kids magazine I haven't worked for before. The strips will be published later in November so I'll reveal more info then! You can try and guess what it is if you like, but, as the politicians say, I can neither confirm nor deny at this point. :)


Peter Gray said...

hes got black hair!

Manic Man said...

Oh, I remember this from a couple of years back.. Lew Stringer is working on a new character called 'Close Up', He'll appear in the brand new Weekly comic 'Cor!!' published by Rebellion as part of there 'Every day' comic series which will see the return of 6 classic Weekly comics being published each day (no Sunday for clear reasons). Comics will feature 36 pages divided between Classics and new. Classics will feature reprints of older popular comics, with new colouring, which will also include unpublished work by many of the greats, such as Ken Reid's "Banned" Dare-a-day Davy, hundreds of unpublished Creepy Creations, and new never published original strips by Davey Law, Leo Baxendale, Mike Lacey, Robert Nixon and more. The 'new' section will feature brand new strips done in the style which both old and new will enjoy by many of the more modern artists, most of whom started in the late 70s, to early 80s, as well as completely unseen artists as part of there new 'tip top talent' spotlight section,

The issues will be an amazing 30p per issue. When asked why the low price, when other comics are much higher, a official spokesman from Rebellion said "we know how many collectors and fans have to decide which comic to follow based on the money. If we did 6 new comics at £2 each, no way would someone be able to buy each one each week. So due to using sustainable recycled paper, a back catalogue of old published and unpublished comics, and most of our creators doing this for the enjoyment of the fans, both old and new, we believe we can keep the comic lasting for years at this low price with expected sales being around 680,000 per issue in our first month alone, and profits from our other comics help too."
When asked if this was some kind of joke, he just replied "We are just committed to listening to our fans. This is what they want, so this is what we are giving them".