Thursday, 23 June 2016

New prints available this Saturday!

When I published Brickman Returns! last September the plan was to do more comics featuring my old characters. As it's turned out, I've been too busy with mainstream comics work to start on another title just yet, so for the time being I've decided to publish a few prints. 

Just delivered from the printers this morning is The 7 Ages of Fan, a drawing I did in 1998 that a lot of people wanted as a print, and now it is, in luxurious full colour, A4 size. Secondly, an A5 size print featuring six of my characters, (with brief info about each on the reverse). They join the two postcard-size prints of Combat Colin and Derek the Troll I did recently and all will be on sale at Macc-Pow! this Saturday (with mail order availability soon). I'll also have issues of Brickman Returns and Brickman Begins with me too, and I'll be drawing sketches on commission, so drop by my table!


Tiniebras said...

I love your "7 ages of fan" Lew. I've always thought that it would make a great t-shirt. Would love to get hold of the print and frame it up. When can we hope to see them in your web store?

Lew Stringer said...

I'll be making all the prints available as a pack from my online shop soon! Thanks for your interest!