Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Things to come

I've been working some late hours this week to meet deadlines so my apologies for not doing lengthy blog posts here or over on my other blog. There's always another deadline coming up of course but when things relax a bit I'll have time to dig out more of my old strips to show on this blog and research more classic comics for Blimey! 

Above is the detail from a panel of a Team Toxic strip I was working on the other night. The completed and coloured strip was e-mailed to Egmont yesterday. It'll be in print in Toxic No.271 on sale 4th May. 

Today I drew and coloured a puzzle page for the issue of The Beano that will be out on 13th April, and tomorrow I'll be drawing the fifth episode of my new series for the comic. (Which should be starting soon!)

After that, I'll be creating a new Combat Colin three-pager for Aces Weekly! Then it'll be time for more work for The Beano, Toxic, and Doctor Who Magazine! Plus planning for upcoming conventions. It's all go!


Manic Man said...

Why Apologise. You don't owe people anything ^_^
This is a hobby, the drawing and scripting is your work. Work comes first.

It's good when you are busy with work right?

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks, but I do feel that if people have taken the time to check out my blogs I do owe them an explanation as to why I haven't updated them with the usual kind of posts recently. Normal service will be resumed shortly. :)

George Shiers said...

Good to hear you're getting lots of work, Lew :)

Gary Bennett said...

Sorry to hear you're not a guest at ICE this year Lew. Maybe see you at another show.

Lew Stringer said...

I am a guest at ICE, Gary. Where did you hear I wasn't?