Monday, 13 October 2014

History of Humour

This coming weekend I'll be at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival giving a talk on 100 years of British humour comics. (Actually, it'll be more like 130 years or more , but 100 was a rounder figure.) 

Researching the power point presentation I came to realize that it was more a case of what to leave out, than what to include, but I hope there'll be something in there for everyone. From Funny Folks to Funny Monsters, I'll be covering the history and development of UK funnies from over the years. Although I've done lots of panel discussions over the last 30 years this is my first solo presentation so I'm a bit apprehensive but I hope to see some of you there. Here's the details:

There will also be many more guests at the festival over the weekend of course. A virtual who's who of comics, with many events taking place in Kendal. Here's the guest list:

You can find out all the info on events, ticket prices, venues etc at the festival website here:

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