Saturday, 27 September 2014


The next issue of Toxic will feature Team Toxic in Stinkytown, a sequel to the story in the current issue's Team Toxic in The Land of Living Farts! As seen at the conclusion of the latest issue, one of the Living Farts has followed through from the Fart Dimension and is now on Earth! Can Team Toxic stop him from stinking up the town? 

Yes, it's unsophisticated toilet humour for kids, but I like to think there's an element of fun there that's not just reliant on 'gross' humour. I've been writing Team Toxic now since issue 1 in 2002, and drawing it since 2003 when the original artist/character designer John Rusby departed, (minus a year or so off in 2012 when it went reprint) and always enjoy creating the new and various villains the Team have to face.

You can get your grubby mitts on the next issue this coming Wednesday! Toxic No.244, on sale October 1st from newsagents and supermarkets. 

...and don't forget that the first Toxic Annual is also on sale now! (More details here: )

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