Sunday, 20 April 2014

Tom Thug's Easter: Buster 1992

Detail from original art. 
'Appy Easter, as Tom Thug might say. Here's the Easter Tom Thug strip I did from Buster comic of 22 years ago this week...

...and if you're interested in buying the actual original artwork for that page, I have it up for auction on eBay right now:

Happy bidding, and Happy Easter!

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Manic Man said...

I'm NOT saying there is anything wrong with it, but It's good to see how you have been able to do two Tom Thug strips with the same basic idea (Tom Steals giant easter egg, goes to eat it and finds out it's a display one) which are completely different. reusing ideas isn't always a bad move, but so often it can be done so it's pretty much just a cheap remake, but skill can shine when you use the same idea and make something completely different.

Duing the start of Jon Pertwee's Doctor Who run, since the budget was cut and they were stuck on earth, writers did say they had a problem as there was only two stories, 'Monsters invade' or 'Mad Scientist' but they often did well coming up with completely different stories with the same basic plot. True mark of skill that.