Thursday, 27 March 2014

Something for everyone

Detail of the original art.
Over the years I've worked on comics for every age group, and that's reflected somewhat in the two pieces of art I have for sale on eBay this week. First up, there's a World Cup Willie strip that I did for adult comic Viz several years ago. No, this isn't THE World Cup Willie, - just a Viz spoof on the name, - and it's not for the nervous!

Then there's a puzzle spread I did for a Coco-Pops promotion, aimed at the very young. I showed the coloured version of this last year on this blog (see here) and now I've found the original pen and ink version.
See here for more details and photos of the items. Two pieces of original art, both up for auction until Sunday. All bids nuch appreciated. Good luck!  

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John Pitt said...

I used to have a World Cup Willie Marx rolykin in 1966. - He was part of my Dalek rolykin army!!