Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sonic Sample - in colour

Last year on this blog I posted about how I submitted artwork to Egmont's Sonic the Comic in its early days with the hope of becoming one of its artists. As it transpired they were looking for a different style but they did employ me as a scriptwriter on the comic for pretty much the duration of Sonic the Comic's several-year run. So that turned out fine.

Last August I showed one of the pages I'd submitted; a black and white page of Sonic being confronted by a monster. I sold that on eBay last year but this week I was sorting through more old artwork and I found the other page I'd submitted; a full colour page! 

I know some Sonic the Hedgehog fans might be interested in this so I've put it on eBay. When I drew this sample I had little idea of the direction the comic would go in so I made up my own villains basically. I thought I'd do an action scene with Sonic vs a flying creature before he was abducted by a spacecraft piloted by a weird robot.

I also found some of my old scripts such as the Sonic scripts for issues 146 and 147 - a complete two part story. The scripts include all the panel descriptions and dialogue that artist Richard Elson turned into fantastic artwork.

If you're interested head over to my eBay page where there are these and other items currently up for auction until next Sunday:


Manic Man said...

most likely out of my price range but lets have a go ^_^ it's good work and those scripts are always interesting.. and for some reason, it's often much rarer to find the original scripts (probably too easy to knock off)

Lew Stringer said...

I've no idea how much the script will go for as this is the first time I've put any up for sale so you might be in with a good chance! Best of luck!