Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Pimple Premiere

One of the most enjoyable new blogs of recent times is Phil Boyce's The Oink! Blog which looks back at each issue of Oink! exactly 27 years to the week it was published. This week highlights Oink! No.15 which was a bit of a mini-revamp issue featuring some new strips. It was the edition which began my Pete and his Pimple strip (seen above) along with the first episode of Ham Dare: Pig of the Future (which I wrote and Malcolm Douglas superbly illustrated). 

My artwork on that first Pimple strip was quite crude and I'm cringing as I look at it now. I'd taken to inking with a dip-nib and was still getting used to it. I changed back to inking with Rotring pens shortly after. (These days I use uniPin Fine Line pens.)

You can find Phil's great blog at the following link. It's a must for any fan of Oink! so bookmark it today:

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