Friday, 20 September 2013

Alistair Sadgitt and Rogue Rover

Twenty years ago I used to produce a few comic strips for an independently produced fanzine dedicated to The Prisoner TV series, the excellent, thought-provoking 1960s drama starring Patrick McGoohan as 'Number Six'. The humour of my strips was a bit brutal in places, poking fun at, shall we say, the more eccentric side of fandom. 

Alistair Sadgitt embodied the sort of obsessive fan that every hobby attracts at times. Most fans/hobbyists are nothing like that of course but we all know one or two that are, from comics to football, they're out there. Way out there!

My other strip, Rogue Rover, told the story of one of the strange 'Rover' guards (or "that big balloon" as most people called it) as seen in The Prisoner. 

Both strips appeared in the Birmingham-produced fanzine Camera Obscura in 1993/94, and I collected them into a couple of self-published mini-comics in the year 2000. The print runs of all of them were very small so very few people have seen them. Here's a few examples. Some are a bit in-jokey so if you've never seen the TV series you might miss a few gags but I hope you enjoy them. Click on each image to enlarge it to make it easier to read.

If you're interested in The Prisoner TV series be sure to bookmark The Unmutual Website, a free online resource for Prisoner-related articles and news. You can find it here: 

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Mike said...

Wot, no Rover being the ball in a Rovers game, and swallowing the team?