Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The pranks continue

I've another You've Been Pranked page in The Beano this week. This time it involves fooling Dennis the Menace's Mum into putting cheese under her armpits. The scripts for these are supplied by D.C. Thomson so I never know what to expect before they arrive and they're fun to draw. Not only that, but they give me the opportunity to draw Dennis and Gnasher and sometimes other classic Beano characters too. All good for the CV. 

I also have another Rasher mini-strip in this week's issue, which reminds me I must get crackling, er, cracking on with drawing more of those! Back to the drawing board...

See a preview of the new Beano at the official website:


Manic Man said...

Interesting work.. Can't say I've ever been a big fan of 'Pranks' like these but fair enough. Can't say I'm a fan of some of the redesigned Parents either, but for some characters, it happened every once in a while and I can understand why it's done. So far enough ^_^ Always reminds me of the good story where Dennis was updated to have jacket and sunglasses etc ^_^

Alec Dever said...

Very funny!

I made a new rebuttal. This time on the Daily Mail: